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[PC - Game] Tomb Raider Anniversary Crack (ITA).iso slekam




The player assumes the role of Joe, a newly hired mercenary, and must go on a quest to take down a demon worshiping cult after it has killed his family.  The game is played in third person.  Joe can pull  off the ground to climb and hang on ledges, he can jump between platforms, and he can pull items out of drawers, boxes, and shelves.  He can then use these items to solve puzzles.  The game is split into two chapters, and the story takes place over a period of  4 months. The player can save their progress at any time, but it must be on a hard drive  or memory card  and the hard drive must be plugged in.  Joe can wear a helmet and can also wear a jetpack.  He can also find a gauntlet that can be used to knock and punch other enemies. The goal of the game is to solve the mystery of the cult by talking to people, investigating the world, and exploring the town of  Hunt Valley. Synopsis On the night that Joe’s brother is murdered and his family burnt to death by a group of cultists, he seeks revenge.  They suspect that Joe is in league with the devil and must be eliminated.  The cultists use some kind of demonic magic to conceal their activities.  To bring their leader to justice, Joe must unravel the secrets of the cult and find out what the devils have to do with his family.  In order to carry out his mission, Joe needs money, weapons and ammunition, as well as some way to transport himself from place to place. Gameplay The gameplay is similar to that of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend.  Players must solve puzzles and perform tasks.  Players can climb on ledges and platforms, they can jump from platform to platform, they can pull out drawers, boxes, and shelves, and they can use the things that they pull out.  Players can then use these items to solve puzzles, transport themselves, and kill enemies. The game is played in a third-person perspective.  Players can walk anywhere they like, but  they can walk to a specific place on the screen by pressing the ‘F’ key.  Players can see an overhead view of the level by pressing the ‘V’ key.  They can see where they are by pressing the ‘W’ key. Save files can be saved




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[PC - Game] Tomb Raider Anniversary Crack (ITA).iso slekam

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